What can you do to help prevent storm damage?

Published: 23/02/2022

Inspect your roof space (both before and after a storm) for damp and mould which can indicate that you have water ingress which will be made worse by heavy rain. If not treated promptly, it could eventually lead to rot in the structural timbers.

Check your roof for loose or cracked tiles or damage to other roof coverings as strong winds as well as heavy rain can exploit these.

Examine all guttering to ensure it’s well secured and clear any debris to prevent overflow of water.

Consider pruning any trees in your garden or cutting back overhanging branches as these could cause significant damage.

Put away or secure any loose items in the garden or on balconies and terraces, such as potted plants and outdoor furniture, and don’t forget the dustbin.

Have a look at the state and condition of any fencing or sheds.

Move your car so that it isn’t parked under or close to a tree.

Charge your phones and tablets in case of power outages.

Make sure your buildings insurance and contents insurance are in place. If damage is caused, take photos as this may help with any insurance claim.