Welcome to Our Brand New Website!

Published: 20/06/2019

After months of planning, we are excited to announce the launch of our stunning new site. We hope you like the fresh new makeover but look deeper and you’ll find there’s more under its shiny new exterior.

Our layout is designed to make it easier to find the properties and information that you are looking for. In particular, we hope you like the feel of the design which is specifically intended to be easy to navigate and to reflect our forward thinking and modern approach.

Take a moment to explore the new site, perhaps bookmark us, and be sure to check back regularly for more information about our properties and services.

We will be updating this Blog on a regular basis to keep you in touch with all the new things happening at Prime Portfolio as well as regular updates as to what is happening in the wider property world. So be sure to check in as much as you can to see what has been going on.

If you have any questions about our new site, properties we have advertised or, indeed, any other matter then please get in touch via our contacts section or see below.

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