Looking to Invest in Property?

Published: 06/01/2020 By WD

If you’re looking to invest your money in property that you want to see go up in value, then choose a house or flat in an up and coming area. Buy before prices rise and watch your investment grow as the area becomes more desirable.

Sounds like a good plan? So how do you find an up and coming area? Looking for the following criteria is a great start to your search:

Transport Links

If the area already has good transport links or there are plans to improve or add new links then it’s worth looking at property in this area. Once a transport hub has been established you have more than likely missed the boat.

Before you see a rise in prices it is worth paying a visit to the local council offices and ask about any plans to improve transport connections.

Shops and Business Premises

Has the area just opened a new business park? Are young entrepreneurs opening businesses? That’s a sign that the place might be on the up. Take a walk up the local High Street this will give you a lot of information. Are empty properties being replaced with independent shops such as upmarket cafes, trendy barbers, family-run small bakeries and boutique clothes shops? This means people with money to spend will be coming into the area.


Is the local council spending money to do up places that have been neglected? Are the parks, community centres, kids playgrounds and empty properties being tidied up and given a new lease of life? This type of rejuvenation will make the area more attractive to property buyers in the future.


Are the schools in the area doing better than in the past? Parents are always on the look out for an area with a good school. Have a look at the Ofsted reports for the schools in areas which look like they are up and coming. If they are doing well, that’s a good sign.

Sands End in Fulham is a good example of how rejuvenation and improved transport links is turning the area from a run-down industrial quarter into a sought-after part of London with new housing and Victorian terraces selling to willing buyers.

Battersea is fast becoming another jewel in London’s crown. The power station has recently been refurbished after lying empty for around thirty years and the nearby development of Nine Elms is already being marketed to buyers looking for property at over a million pounds.

Another area which is being re-developed and has more plans for future improvement is Elephant and Castle. It has excellent rail connections and plans have been approved for the building of new homes, amenities and shops.