5* Management Service - Prompt Action Post Flood

Published: 12/08/2021

With all the rain London has experienced in recent months, flooding of property has become a real issue. In addition, London’s water and sewage pipe network is now very old and prone to leaks and burst water mains not helped by the build-up of surface water in times of heavy rain. Prompt action when flood damage occurs is therefore essential and that’s when good property management comes into play.

We’re not embarrassed to trumpet our recent success in this area.

Back in June, three basement flats in one of the buildings we manage were flooded by a burst Thames Water pipe in the street outside the building. Of the three flats, we were responsible for one (the caretaker’s flat).

We got straight onto the building’s insurers in order to sort out repairs and have the caretaker’s accommodation ready for occupation as soon as possible.

We found suitable alternative accommodation for the caretaker, arranged storage for the caretaker’s belongings, met the loss adjuster on site to assess the damage, liaised with Thames Water regarding installation of a dehumidifier and stayed in contact with the loss adjuster throughout. We also negotiated with a separate loss adjuster in relation to damaged contents, succeeding in obtaining some new for old replacements.

We are proud to say that the caretaker moved back into the refurbished flat exactly 7 weeks to the day after the flood damage. In the same period of time, the agents who manage the other two affected flats have only provided repair quotations so those flats won’t be ready for occupation for some time.

If you need a proactive manager for your property, look no further – get in touch with us by email (info@primeportfolio.com) or by phone (020 7409 0209).

                                                                  Before and after repairs: