Who is Prime Portfolio Ltd?
Prime Portfolio is a prime London residential investment advisory and management service. Based in Mayfair, they invest on behalf of UK and international private clients acquiring both residential investments and private homes. The directors have been advising buyers on the prime London market since 1990 and are amongst the most experienced advisors.

What services do you provide?
An integrated property investment service which includes investment advice and acquisition services, letting and management, including building construction and refurbishment and eventual disposal. We are one of the few property acquisition and management services to provide in-house accountancy services. Prime Portfolio have strong relationships with trusted legal, tax, finance, surveying and valuation professionals with whom we frequently work.

Where do you offer these services?
Prime Portfolio services are offered both in the UK and internationally. We have strong client bases in South East Asia and Europe.

Who are your clients?
Private investors looking to live or invest in prime Central London. 90% of our clients are international investors. We are regularly introduced to new clients by private banks, law firms, accountancy firms and private trust companies.

How do you work with your clients?
Our directors work personally with each client, providing a dedicated service tailored to their individual investment requirements. We make regular trips abroad to meet with both our existing and new clients to discuss the current market and their real estate investments / requirements. When our clients are in London we ensure that we are on hand to show them suitable opportunities. Our service is independent, impartial and highly confidential.

Why invest in the prime central London?
The prime Central London residential market is a micro market within the UK property sector that is driven not by the domestic economy but by macro global economic and political factors. It is fuelled by wealthy international investors. Historically it has outperformed more traditional long term equity investments and it is not so easily affected by sudden market fluctuations as stock markets. London continues to be a global financial centre and an international destination for both tourism and business.

What is the minimum investment?
Prime Portfolio work with clients who have in excess of £500,000 to invest into the prime Central London market.

What is the maximum investment?
Prime Portfolio have acquired some of London’s finest residential buildings on behalf of their clients and manage impressive portfolios with multiple units.

What makes you different from an Estate Agent?
Prime Portfolio act on behalf of and are retained by our clients. We source investment opportunities for our clients (where possible off market) and remove the need for our clients to deal with the multitude of estate agents working in the London market. By representing our clients in the market place we allow them to retain their identity which is of particular interest to high profile investors. We never sell properties unless they belong to our clients.

How do your services differ from property finders / buying agents?
Property finders and buying agents simply source residential homes and investments and provide limited, if any post transaction services. Prime Portfolio’s integrated approach is entirely client focused and provides advice and support at every stage of the investment process. We believe we are the only private company in London with this background.

Why invest in Central London now?
The prime central London market is unlike any other sector of the UK market, not only is it driven by UK buyers, but also by investors from overseas who regard it as a safe place in which to invest substantial sums, indeed it is seen by many investors and their advisors as an essential part of an investment portfolio. The market is very stable, it has shown itself to be resilient to market fluctuations, such as those experienced in recent months, indeed prices are now higher than they were at the peak of the market in 2007.

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